The number one goal of Life Through Art Media services is to provide consistent, and crisp, content for creatives and small business owners. Whether you have a goal to drive home sales, or create more exposure for your brand simply by having your story be heard, my services allow you to do just that, and more.

Here is a sample of my most recent works for monthly and on demand clientele.

Sacred Rootz, LLC

Khet Waas Hutip is the owner of Sacred Rootz, LLC. By using his own personal journey and upbringing with natural self care, he was able to turn a lifestyle into just that for others around him. Hear more of his story below:

Behind the scenes of Third Eye Lounge

Ikeoma Divine is a well known rootwork specialist in Charleston, nationally, and internationally. When you enter her boutique botanica, you are mostly always drawn to her energy, and the energy of her store. We created a behind the scenes peek into her store for those who haven’t been inside, or for anyone who can attest to the positivity of being inside.

Rootwork for Self Transformation:

Ikeoma Divine has lead students on a journey for eight weeks, breaking down various rootwork rituals used to remove blockages and stagnation of seven energy points that are connected to one’s emotional and physical bodies.

Below you will find a couple of the videos used to break down and give a slight introduction to the courses.

Solar Plexus – Implementing rituals to remove blockages from your solar plexus chakra will allow you to remember what drives you, increase your self esteem, release anger and tap into the natural vitality that give you the will to move forward.