I'm Khadijah, and I help Black millennial creatives and professionals gain traction and valuable connections in and around their communities through authentic storytelling methods, community building, and br (1)


My Story

A woman who wears many hats, Khadijah Dennis is a writer, visionary and media producer raised out of the small town of Kingstree, S.C. A graduate from The University of South Carolina, she gained a wealth of knowledge with TV news production and communications through her time working with CBS News Affiliate – Live 5 News in Charleston, SC and through South Carolina ETV, an NPR affiliate, to name a few.


She is now the founder and C.E.O. of her own digital media space, The Conqueror Movement – created to inspire, connect and authentically represent Black millennial creatives and professionals. Since its start in 2012, the company has created four documentaries, curated a social and visual platform for supporting Black initiatives and their communities, and established an annual networking gala, Falling in Love With Your Passion. The Conqueror Movement specializes in helping platforms have the proper stepping stone to impact real change in their community. When she’s not behind the camera, she loves to keep things quirky and nerdy through working with platforms such as “Black Girls Anime” and “Quirktastic Co.”, and being transparent about her journey running a start up company, and maintaining work/life balance in her blog.


She is currently developing a media agency under her creative brand, Life Through Art Media, which is both a multimedia service and community for the millennial creative, visionary, and business owner. It aides in the busy life style of one who has a passion and drive in mind, but needs extra support with the execution of those ideas.


Work With Me

Work With Me (1)

Whether you are looking for consistent support in developing your business, or you’re inspired by my works and words and want to explore media opportunities with me, your decision for a more impactful lifestyle begins here.

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