Visionary. Brand Strategist. Quirky Creative.

Khadijah Dennis is a video visionary and creative storyteller based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her career spans over 10 years as a news producer for CBS News, CNN, PBS and NPR Radio to name a few. In 2012, she created a digital media space to answer the call for more diverse, and authentic storytelling of Black lives entitled, Conqueror Movement. Through this space, her collective is able to serve, connect, and provide valuable professional resources to Black creatives and professionals. Her body of work includes long and short form videography, with a preference for documentary/filmmaking and show producing. With her platforms, she aims to build a community where authenticity is always held to a high standard.

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Conqueror Movement is a digital media space that serves, connects, and authentically represents Black millennial creatives and professionals. Through this platform, I help established start ups and creatives further tell their brand’s story through long form media production, interview opportunities and post production assistance..


I adopt a brand’s vision and then I execute. I help creatives and professionals gain traction and valuable connections with their respective platforms through authentic storytelling methods, community building, and brand specific production offerings. Book your free consultation to discover the services your business needs to scale and reach success.


As both a millennial and quirky by nature personality, I have a unique viewpoint on trending topics, culture appreciation and implementing a successful brand vision through the art of video storytelling. Get to know the woman behind the work.