Taking Action + What’s New?

We skipped the New Year’s resolutions this year, and turned to action.
On 1.11.2020, I packed two bags, and made my way to the mecca of the Southeast – Atlanta, Georgia. In the most quiet way, I prepared for this journey only three months prior to actually leaving what was my home of three years, Charleston, SC. Aside from living in Japan in 2014, I had never not lived in South Carolina. Having access to a close knit community, my family and getting involved in helping to shape and transform the creative scenes in the Holy City and Columbia made me very comfortable with that choice for a long time. But after awhile, something clicked: It’s time to step out on faith, see the world, and get closely aligned with my purpose.
It sounded so out of the blue at first. I mean, nothing was perfect about my journey in my home state, especially these past few years, but given the good and the bad, I wasn’t unhappy. But I later realized, it wasn’t unhappiness that made me feel that way, it was being and feeling unfulfilled in certain aspects of my life that only I could really change.
I push myself very hard., and I work even harder. But given what this past year has taught me, I’ve got to move with a whole lot more intention. What is the purpose? Why do the project? Does this work align with your purpose and end goal? Is the work helpful or hurtful to your brand? What is the cost (to your mental health, physical health, and financial health) of doing the project or partnership?
I love telling stories and showcasing the journey of others. I didn’t feel at first that it really even needed a price attached to it – I just desired to do the work. But 2019 granted me a number of valuable opportunities that shifted my focus from just moving, to moving with intention. And being CONSISTENT.
In a previous blog post, I discussed my happenstance opportunity to work the REVOLT Summit with P. Diddy in Atlanta. Being surrounded by his knowledge and great work, along with the knowledge of other celebrity guests really opened my eyes to seeing the massive impact I could also create with the visions that I have for my company, Conqueror Movement, and my personal story telling avenue through Life Through Art Media. It wasn’t that I was ever blinded to the opportunity, but I definitely had my focus set on what was the modern day way of thinking about success and sustainability. I worked in news for 6 years, and had a great background in producing content. I always thought about solely taking that world by storm, and that my other talents were just a bonus of the craft. But given how much of a direct impact my brands have made on my community, and surrounding areas, it was time to rethink that plan, and have a little more confidence in ME.
After discussing the possibility of a move like this with my SC support system, and new relationships in Atlanta, I had no choice but to go for it.
Not seizing this opportunity would only lead to regret, and that’s not the life that I want to live for myself. In 2019, I told myself that 2020 would be very different. No longer are we being afraid to step into the forefront. We will not be afraid to take chances. We will embrace failure and learn from it, and be thankful that we even tried. We will honor ourselves and our work. We will be proud of the legacy that we are creating.
With this move comes some very intentional changes to this blogging platform, and my brain child, The Conqueror Movement.
Here at Life Through Art Media, I will be making it a point to get more community involvement into my writing. I don’t just want to let out my feelings and share my advice with you on tough topics, but I want to bring in the voices of those you look up to in your community and have genuine conversations with them, and expand how we tackle those tough topics as a community. You will see a lot more behind the scenes of what this journey for me here in Atlanta looks like – the good and the bad! We’re not holding anything back. And lastly, expect some pop up events all across the Southeast.
Actions speak louder than words. Welcome to my world.



Here are just a few photos from my Atlanta experience so far. As you can see, we had a lot of foodie ventures. I’m also now even more in love with Ponce City Market and will be a regular visitor. Cheers to new experiences!

Things I Learned in 2019


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2019 really came and went.

And while I could get into all of the ways that the year has really found ways to challenge me, I will only say this: 

2019 has NOT been a gentle experience. We started the year with lesson #1:

Unlearning toxic habits and thoughts.

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The transition between 2018 and 2019 was far from clear. The year end for 2018 had me in a place where I felt that it was pretty impossible to overcome. Everything that had become routine for me was no longer as such. I had to make decisions based on my well-being, and that was something I wasn’t really used to. I had to learn how to make myself a priority. What do my current priorities look like, and what is the amount of dedication and time commitment that they are given? Now how do I apply that to myself? In what ways can I show up for myself? How do I learn to place the responsibilities of being gentle with myself and my feelings on myself, and not just others around me?

It sounds like a bunch of loaded questions, but let’s be honest, it’s something we don’t ask ourselves enough when it comes to what we NEED versus what we want.

Unlearning habits and behaviors are hard because of how natural they are. Almost like a routine.But that’s no excuse because of our ability to learn something new. We’re just afraid of the amount of time that it takes. I can definitely admit, I’m not a patient person. I have a very hard time accepting the phrase “things take time,” simply because it’s not on my time. And 2019 has definitely been working against my time.

#2: I’ve had to learn the importance of going with the flow.

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A couple of the only sure things we can do involve: setting our intentions and making them clear, and putting the work in on our end to reach our goals.

It can be very discouraging to put in so much work, and know that your intentions are good, but life takes you in another direction. I must admit, I’m so grateful for the change. Without it, I don’t think I would have gathered enough strength or courage to say: I will take this chance on myself. I will see where this road leads. I will be the best me that I can be, and show up for myself. Many of the decisions that I’ve made this year were far from planned. But we were very intentional about the places we wanted to be, the ways in which we wanted to feel, and the decisions made were a direct result of that. For that, I have no regrets. And neither should you.

#3: I deserve love.

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This one sounds very self-explanatory. But I wanted to go in a little more on what exactly this sentence means for me. When I talk about love, I don’t just mean in the most romantic of senses. I mean I deserve self-love and dedication to self-care and creating my own happiness. I deserve friendships that are fulfilling and supportive, encouraging and constructive. I deserve to have the freedom to forgive and acknowledge hurt from those close to me, and to heal at my own pace to repair and rebuild relationships if I so choose. I deserve a love that feels like home, where we can truly be ourselves, and allow ourselves the growth and space to come into our own separately with support.

#4. Life continues even when things go wrong.

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While no one really wants to hear that phrase when everything is falling apart, it’s a very hard reality check. And something that can be extremely helpful for our healing process. I had a lot of things go wrong this year, and in the same breath, it made way for things to go right in my life that I didn’t expect. Whether it was a lesson about going after what you truly want, learning how to let go of our comfort zones, or giving ourselves time to grieve properly in order to truly celebrate what’s to come in our lives. The fact that life doesn’t wait for us can actually be a good thing. What would happen if we allowed life to stop at the things that are traumatic to us? We’d never experience the rainbow after the storm.

In 2020, I am hopeful for many things, but the biggest thing that I wish is just to see myself WIN. In order for me to do that, I know that these lessons learned were necessary to create my foundation. It was the step in the right direction that I needed. It’s been refreshing to sit back and truly reflect on this year. Now that it’s over, I’m ready to show up for myself in ways I never have, while creating opportunities to also do the same for others.

I wish you peace, love, prosperity, and healing.\