Believe in Your Own Magic

dream big_8

Are you happy with your life?

In a room filled with fellow Black girl bosses with their own careers, passions, and most authentically, struggles, I was forced to think deeply about this question.

But before doing that, I was asked to grab a card on a door filled with plenty of quotes – all encouraging, all reflective.

dream big april_3

They were very similar to those I had seen around the Dream Big Weekend trips .

Afterwards, upon walking in, I was greeted by the voice of Jessica herself, bubbly, loud, and getting herself ready to do life with several other women lucky to be invited to this closed, bonding, empowerment session.

How would you rate your life at this moment?

In front of us was a sheet of paper with a color wheel and colored pencils. We were asked to rate our life in parts such as career, friendships, romantic relationships, health, etc.

Writing a simple number down wasn’t hard. Coloring was even therapeutic, but having to elaborate on why I chose those numbers, and why I felt the way I did was difficult.

dream big_15


There’s a notebook that I carry around all the time, and on the outside it reads “Happiness is an inside job.” Through the intimate discussions, I thought back to this very quote, and how I am in control of what I choose to take in my life. There is no reason to be unhappy if I can make a choice to do something or think about something differently. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but there’s power in words and action. Our words manifest the action. And with everyone sharing where they are – young, and seasoned, everyone had the common goal of happiness and fulfillment.

Fulfillment in our relationships. Happiness with our careers and personal endeavors. Upon leaving, we eached read the card we chose one by one. And altogether, without even realizing it, we had told a magnified story that included one another.

dream big_10

Jessica Amaro is the creator of #DreamBigWeekend – which encourages you to take a few days away from any distractions, to be around other women who resonate with you, and places a focus on living our best lives.

You can visit her website to see the Dream Big Weekend Experience at

Be sure to LIKE her Facebook page as well to see a recap of last year’s Dream Big Weekend trip. More to come from this year!

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