Because Life Is… Learning Experiences

It’s a bit surreal to sit and look outside of a window in Columbia, SC and no longer being in Charlotte, NC. What it means however is that this summer is nearing to an end, and as I reflect on everything, I realized that I’ve endured a lot, but I’ve also gained knowledge in just as much.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was just getting acquainted with the busy lifestyle, magnificent skyline and diverse views of The Queen City. I was blessed to take up an internship opportunity with the Metro Proponent newspaper, and there I made friends with an amazing group of individuals who exposed me to so much more than broadcast media and writing techniques.

Charlotte is a place of building and constant networking. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t find myself stumbling across someone of importance. It made sense to keep working at greater and never limiting myself. It can also be a bit overwhelming if you’re a workaholic like me with multiple interests. The word no still exists and applies.

I learned that not every opportunity is going to be for me, and that I would need to choose wisely if I was going to take my career endeavors and dreams seriously. I learned a lot about building and maintaining relationships. It’s important to realize that not every person you come into contact with has your best interests at hand, but you do. Never be afraid to turn down opportunities that don’t sit well with you.

I learned that it’s okay to want more for yourself, and the only true way to attain it is to get out there and consistently work towards that goal. I can’t recall many days that I didn’t take advantage of being in Charlotte by going out and meeting individuals, constantly building relationships and exposing myself to new experiences that I wouldn’t be able to experience in Columbia, SC.


Now that I’ve made the return back to Columbia, I’m excited to get things moving even more for what will be my final year of undergrad at the University of South Carolina.

My college experiences have all built up the woman that you see before you today. From the friendships that were made, to many of the projects I’ve created and organizations I’ve worked with. I love that I had the opportunity to contribute my works in a big way, and I’m even more excited for what lies ahead.


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