Brand Strategist.

Quirky Creative.

Hi there! My name is Khadijah Dennis and I am a 26-year-old media producer, quirky creative and brand strategist. I specialize in creating video production and social media implementation strategies that help creatives and professionals gain traction and valuable connections. I do this through the ideation of authentic storytelling methods, community outreach, and brand specific production offerings. 

A good story starts with a great strategy. I love the process of helping small businesses and startups develop a visually captivating story. Video content is a need in your next marketing strategy session. Learn more about how I help businesses scale and connect with their key audience through Vide, Podcast Production, and Social Media Management

Visionary: The Conqueror Movement

Conqueror Movement is my primary brain child. As the founder and C.E.O., I am proud to lead a digital media space that serves, connects and authentically represents Black millennial creatives and professionals. Our company thrives on telling authentic stories that matter most to our audience through conducting interviews, documentaries and large-scale production services.

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Brand Strategist: I adopt a brand’s vision and then I execute.

I adopt a brand’s vision, and then I execute. Through my one-on-one consultations, I am able to truly get to know all of my clients, initiating a collaborative effort to define our leading brand goals, and to develop a plan of action. My goal is to help translate your story to video and get your brand seen in a video-dominant world. Book your Service!

Quirky Creative: I live my life through my art.

The reality is I am a unique human being with a passion for art and creativity, community-building, and storytelling. I’ve helped over 10 brands develop a successful visual brand strategy that keeps them ahead of the curve in an evolving social media world.