Visual Media and Promotional Services

Every business or individual has a certain image they would like their clients to know more about and see. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of where and how to start. As a woman who has served in various promotional and marketing positions over the past few years, and is now head of my own platform and brand, I’ve decided to extend a helping hand out to fellow entrepreneurs who have the vision and drive, but just need the dots connected.

Two things are VERY important when it comes to having a business:

  • Consistency
  • Crisp, clear content

In business, you want to be remembered for the things you do, and dropping a great project at one point in time does NOT guarantee you that you will keep your audience. A big difference in how your platform elevates has a lot to do with how much your audience sees of you. Even if it’s finding ways to generate the same content from that project dropped different ways until your NEXT big thing.

That is why “Life Through Art Media” was born.  Life Through Art is for the millennial creative, visionary, business owner.


dream big april_3.JPG

Dream Big Weekend 2018, Videography Client

I am now offering single and combination services specifically for entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives with specific projects or content creation needs. These include:

  • Shooting and editing of promotional video
    • Examples: event videography, visual recaps, visual storytelling, promotional material, campaign projects
  • Promotional photography
    • Includes shooting and editing for digital (Print packages included upon request)
  • Client Based Content creation: curating photo or video content to help you maintain consistency on social media with your brand

Combination services will utilize all three of these services. A mandatory consultation is required for no extra charge. A monthly flat rate will apply for these services over charges for individual services.

I am stationed in Charleston, SC and can travel to anyone within the state for location photo shoots.

For out of state requests, a travel fee is required in addition to booking price.

For more information, or questions about services offered, contact me via my cell: (803) 740-4502 or company email address:




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