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Ikeoma Divine of 3rd Eye Lounge in Charleston, SC shares her wisdom in an upcoming online class: Rootwork For Self-transformation Workshops. Here she discusses the 1st Chakra- Crown Location: top of head Connection/blockages- ancestors, spirit guides, ability to be fully connected with our spirituality.

3rd Eye Lounge is a boutique botanica that specializes in African diaspora practices

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Dream Big Weekend was created by Jessica Amaro of Charleston, SC. This weekend is catered to the busy working women, or even the women who have passion and drive but need the extra push to get there and figure out if they are in the right direction. Dream Big Weekend helps you create focus in your life by challenging you to go after your biggest dreams. Visit for more information and LIKE her Facebook page at


Khet Waas Hutip is the creator of Sacred Rootz, LLC in Charleston, SC. Khet is a certified Holistic nutritional consultant, Master Herbalist, and certified Spiritual counselor. Whether you are looking to start your natural health care journey, or you are looking to shake things up a bit in your routine, Sacred Rootz has everything you need to get glowing from the inside out. The most popular of all his products is the “Clean Mi Out” Detox. If you’re ever in the Holy City, be sure to stop by and check out his work.