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You won’t leave here the way that you came.

Welcome to KHADIJAHDENNIS.COM, home of a journalist who just happens to also be a creative. This personal  website project has been around for years, but with that comes many changes.

I’ve gotten around in the blogosphere for a while with my personal blog, “Truth Be Told” which gave me the opportunity to contribute to conversations regarding the world’s most talked about current events, and highlight the work of other young adults in the surrounding area. But I knew that eventually, I would need something more. Something that would give people a chance to know the person behind the work. Something that would give people an opportunity to view the transition from being a student and working towards a career and actually making it happen. So, alas this site was born.

Today, you can expect several new features:

  • seasonal blog series – all filled with transparency. Everything that I never really talk about, or intimate conversations I’ve had with those close to me could potentially unfold as things I’ve learned, experienced, or have grown from.
  • Client Works – No more college projects, these are the REAL deal. When I’m not being a full time news producer, I’m making other people’s ideas come alive through video and photography services.
  • Personal Life – Everyone’s journey is very different. But you can find the inspiration in many.

Here, you get to see my experiences come alive. I appreciate you and your support of my work. I hope you will visit often.


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